Ben Foster Could be on his way to North London  

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Quite how Ben Foster has doubled in value since Sir Alex Ferguson shrewdly offloaded him to Birmingham City I have no idea. £12million for a goalkeeper in a side that is clutching the Carling Cup as it spins at pace into the vortex of the relegation zone? As sensational as a Pot Noodle made with water from a hot tap.

It is a no brainer that both North Loindon managers need a new recruit in the goalkeeper department. Arsenal went past a sign marked, ‘No Return’ some time ago. About the same time they brought Mad Jens out of his Cryogenic Freezing Unit.

Spurs undoubtedly need someone to boost Gomes, who really too often looks like a man alone. Actually what Tottenham really need is a settled back four. There isn’t a keeper in the world who plays confidently in front of four new face each week.


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