Wenger - Nasri can have a great future here  

Saturday, 31 January 2009

Today Arsenal will plays against West Ham. This is important game for arsenal to win despite they fail to win last game against Everton, this game will give them little bit space against Aston Villa ,but hopefully Aston will lose or draw.

Samir Nasri and Van persie hopefully tonight game they will show good performance to win and score more goals as well. Arsène Wenger believes that Samir Nasri has all the ingredients to become a major star at Arsenal.

The French midfielder moved here from Marseilles last summer and his creditable tally of six goals in 23 starts includes vital strikes against Manchester United, West Brom and Hull City.

Since his arrival Nasri has been likened to former Arsenal favourite Robert Pires and, although the comparisons are rather obvious, they are compelling. Both are French, both left Marseilles for Arsenal and both are creative midfielders with an eye for goal.

Nasri has a long way to go before he emulates Pires' medals tally but, despite joining Arsenal at a much younger age than Pires, he has adapted quicker. Wenger expects Nasri to emerge as Arsenal's creative hub in the years to come.

"What people forget is that Pires arrived at 27 and Nasri arrived at 21," said the Arsenal manager.

"Nasri has a great future because he is that kind of player, he can score goals, he can dribble, there is more power to come from him and I think he's adapted quite well.

"Yes [he reminds me of Pires] but he can also be a central player.

In my opinion, all what we can say about nasri is great but to win in a game we need all team to give their best shot and cannot belong to a one person for get the goal. All player should try shoot on target, it will give more opportunity to score.

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misery for gunners  

Friday, 30 January 2009

For the record gunners has a misery in the half of league but this record will burn if they keep winning in every single game, or they archive something they not archive it like champion cup.

We all know that they not has a mentally strong enough then they have too many younger player such ass denilson, song, diaby, bendner, vela, and all of it between 19-23, this is kind of hard to keep them maintain in all competition, we must ask wenger what is his aim in this season, if wenger want to archive something in big title or cup. he might be nothing for this season cos he need to change his player, and choose player who has experience in the game such ass villa, david silva, senna and arshavin as well. this player has potential to keep arsenal lead in this season.

There is something being ruin my head, why arsenal not high their salary little bit. as well as we all know they are really poor club, although they have a good facility and stadium. It's must be difficult to others star player to joining if they not change it. where is the money being spending?

in my opinion, arsenal truly showed poor performance at the last game against everton. Couple of shoot they miss it and always seems to be scoring in the last minutes.They play with a low spirit, and in everton with Tim Cahill they have a player who is very intelligent, he always knows where to be. That is something that is hard to teach, but he always seems to be in the right place. this is an example that arsenal should to be find.

They need to find a striker who can be dangerous at the net such ass van persie, we cannot leave him alone to score. they need arshavin and need to settle the deal over even the time is running out.

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My Malaysian and My Football.  

Thursday, 29 January 2009

The malaysian team always showed that they cannot be a superb team in every single game except for a lower country. They not has a good performance like overseas team, they not has a star player whose joining in a big league like premierleague and they also not has a big title or cup. Its shows how poorly Malaysian football in all aspect such ass in ability, skills, attitude, moral, and others thing. But thanks to Nicol David who get her name and Malaysian name to the world in the squash.

how can malaysian football team archive something like some others country such ass iran ,japan even iraq whose not have have a good facility and their own league can archive a big title like asian cup.

player import again vital to be joining in malaysia league, it will make others in malaysia player learn more about tactical, mentality, skill and others things,even british, spain, italy and others league has a import player. Why they not allow to be joining malaysia league? I think the answer is development in the club and the federation football club of malaysia (FAM) who should take this job done, but they fail to do it, and they not allowed import player to joining.

I think we should have a caliber leader in FAM , we don't need a king or politician in this job, they not know anything about this and they not deserve this job,otherwise a king and politician has their own responsibility.

In my opinion, we should find someone who deserve to be a leader of FAM who know about football, development and has being played for malaysian team . and i think malaysian has potential to reach asian cup even world cup they will archive it, if they find a right person.

Hopefully we not wasting our time and money again as we did it in the past of several year to have nothing except for successful football malaysian team and reach the World cup.

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how poorly the gunner  

GOODISON PARK was engulfed in fog last night but that was no excuse for Arsenal losing Tim Cahill in it. The spring-heeled Australian inflicted his third piece of aerial damage on a top-four team but, thanks to Robin van Persie’s immaculate response in the final seconds of injury time, the impact was limited on Arsene Wenger’s team.

Robin van Persie rescued Arsenal from what would have been a damaging defeat with an injury-time equaliser.

In the end both these sides stretched unbeaten runs to nine matches - but Everton will wonder how they let victory slip from their grasp.

The hosts had emerged from a poor start to dominate the match, and were deservedly ahead through Tim Cahill's 100th career goal on the hour.

Everton grew in confidence from then on, but with seconds ticking away, Van Persie - Arsenal's best player - stole in behind the defence to lash home an angled drive for a draw.

Arsenal desperately needed something from this encounter with a fourth-place finish looking in serious danger as Aston Villa continued their march with another away win on Tuesday night.

Fog was swirling around Goodison Park at the start, and Everton saw little of the ball in the opening spell - due to Arsenal's neat passing and possession.

But the nearest the visitors came to a goal was Van Persie's 20-yard free-kick which was deflected wide when it looked to be heading into the top corner.

From both sides we should praise Everton performance which was good attacking but maybe little bit unlucky to get 3 point from visitor. Than Arsenal which likely to win in procession and passing.

In my oppinion Arsenal should focus in how to get a score, even if they play like a rubbish but they get a score with a yard of goal it's superbly done, than they play in tactical of passing but fail to get shoot on target .

We saw how badly mentality of arsenal team during the game, they fear tried to shoot with a long distance. This attitude can allow them trouble, and arsene need to find a solution to restore the performance back.

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Man U, what a supperb performance  

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Last night, manchester united show their powerful performance thrashed bottom club West Bromwich Albion 5-0 at the Hawthorns to move three points clear at the top of the Premier League on Tuesday.

Cristiano Ronaldo struck two late goals for the rampant Reds after Dimitar Berbatov, Carlos Tevez and Nemanja Vidic had put the champions in control against 10-man West Brom.

United, who have 50 points from 22 games, also set a new top-flight record of 11 consecutive clean sheets, eclipsing Chelsea's feat in 2004-05. Goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar also surpassed Petr Cech's top-flight streak for not conceding a goal.

This will give some more space for them and pressure for others team to get the top of the tables. It's hard to belief that they Maintain in the top of the league even Though they fail to archive it in the first round not like like others team which is not archived.

What a difference between Arsenal and United, United has superb player who can score more goal, more goals they have will get more quality for them, not like arsenal, they also have a superb player who have a quality in passing, skill and tactical but they don't have quality of scoring.

In my opinion Arsenal need a striker, they need arshavin as much as possible. they no need to buy anything else from this january transfer except a forward who can give mentality and impact for others player.

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Zenit: Arshavin transfer price to Arsenal agreed  

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Report that Zenit St. Petersburg has agreed with Arsenal on a transfer price for Russia midfielder Andrei Arshavin, but his move to the Premier League club is being delayed by the player's wage demands.

Zenit refused to disclose the price agreed for Arshavin, but club spokesman Alexei Petrov said Monday the price reflects the player's "real market value.''

Zenit had reportedly valued Arshavin at 20 million pounds ($28 million; ?21.4 million), but Arsenal is believed to have offered much less.

Arshavin, who attracted Arsenal's attention when he helped Russia reach the Euro 2008 semifinals, has repeatedly stated his desire to play abroad, and has publicly criticized Zenit for pricing him out of a possible move.

It will be great news for both between player and arsenal club especially wenger, they need this player very much and need to landing him as soon as posible to the emirates stadium,

Arsenal has difficult scoring during the game and need a new attacker to give some more effect to their team, adebayor and bendner who should take this job done but fail to do it very well.

In my oppinion arshavin will help them to get through, cos he has some experience and ability to score which has a good talent than others forward from guners.

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Top player listed as targets, if arsenal fail to sign arshavin  

Monday, 26 January 2009

Arsenal have difficult season in this year in all competition even they have difficult in signing player too.

As Arsene threaten to pull the plug on the Arshavin deal,I ask who could Arsene Wenger turn his attention to next?

Arsene wants a flair player who can play off the main striker or on the wings, So i suggest this realistic top list of player to show them make easier signing than arshavin move for:

1)David Silva



3)Arda Turan


5)Hatem Ben Arfa

6)khairil Muhaymin (kedah fc)?

In my oppinion all of the above would be cheaper then Arshavin and all are consistent enough to play in the big league.So maybe if this deal breaks down it could be a blessing in disguise.

But sometimes i thought if arsenal failure to signing arshavin ,how can arsenal get trough from this to archive what they want to,it doesn't make sense cos they take too long to sign this man and then?.hopefully someone in this list will joining arsenal to save career in what they dream.

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what wrong with arshavin deal  

Sunday, 25 January 2009

The arshavin story deal will not over to the end of january. The Gunners have reportedly offered a package totalling £15million, of which £12million would be paid up front, with a further £3million to be added in bonuses, appearance fees and other conditions. been reject 15 mill

But the St Petersburg club are still angling for an increase in the transfer fee, and are now pushing to conclude the deal on Saturday.

"If Arsenal don't accept our terms, then Arshavin will not be sold to them," Zenit general director Maksim Mitrofanov told Sport Express.

"In any case this will be resolved by Saturday evening."

In my oppinion arsenal need to make this deal over, they still have enough time yet. This is only solution that can be resolve their problem to take fabregas position who suffer injury problem.

This problem really ruin my head cos why arsenal share holder not support enough the deal between arshavin. They have plenty of guys also a woman who can spin their money. I think if this kind of situation arsenal need to sell their club to other investor who can make a bigger impact. I guess they should aim to the middle east investor rather than hope to share holder who cannot give anything except promising. I guess what i'm a sayin'is there ain't no better reason to reach arsenal keep up winning with this season.

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Have Arsenal put all their eggs into one basket?  

Saturday, 24 January 2009

The Andrei Arshavin saga drags on. The circumstances appear to change from one moment to the next. We've got him, we haven't got him. It appears never ending!

Despite this I'm starting to believe it's just a matter of time until terms are agreed and Arshavin is pictured holding up an Arsenal shirt.

I'm sure when that time comes most Gooners will be happy people! The transfer has taken a long time to be concluded and it has turned into a tedious process. It will be a relief when he is (hopefully) unveiled at the Emirates.

It seems to me that Arsenal's transfers, whether in or out, always take an age to be sorted out. I don't have the answer as to why this happens but it always seems to be the case.

With Arshavin's (hopefully) imminent arrival taking place, I've started to think about other potential Wenger targets. Having strained my brain, I can't think of any realistic possibilities.

This brings me to the title of today's blog; Have Arsenal put all their eggs into one basket?

I think we have. I believe the only recruitment(s) to the Arsenal squad this January rests on the shoulder's of Andrei Arshavin.

I'm sure nobody else is coming in because surely this could or would have happened during the time we have been chasing Arshavin?

If the Arshavin deal does collapse then I don't think there is a plan B. I think Wenger will shrug his shoulders and say that he tried. We can't deny that he tried but I would hope there was a back up plan if it goes tits up.

We saw in the summer that Wenger tried to sign Alonso on the very last day of the transfer window. He put all his eggs into that basket and was bitten on the arse.

I hope the same doesn't happen with the Arshavin deal. I'm sure that Arsenal have learnt their lesson from the summer and to be fair I think the move to sign Arshavin was made early in this transfer window. It's Zenit who are being difficult.

I do worry though that while we have just concentrated on securing the signature of Arshavin, other areas of the team need to be strengthened also. It appears that Wenger has identified that we need a creative player more than a defensive midfielder.

I happen to think we need someone to protect the back four. I doubt this will happen because I feel that it would have happened by now if it was going too.

Keep it Goonerish...........

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arsenal will grow up with their own style  

Friday, 23 January 2009

listen up all arsenal fan, if you really sure that arsenal cannot archive the title so I guess you all better leave now. I'm truly fan of arsenal team and I will give my best for arsenal. I'm confident about wenger dream and the way his develop their player, i know is hard to believe in half of season they not make their best opportunity, but this is not a last chance they only have.

I think from now arsenal should focus in their player than splash their money to buy a player who not know yet if they can play or not in england league style. plus they already have a player who can be more and more great for the future ,player such a nasri, fabregas, wallcott, berdner, diaby, djourou, and plenty more of it, they have what they need, and this palyer such a bright star and will be greatest player in the world. otherwise if they been sell out to other club, like hleb and flamini. But it doesn't mean i disagree about arshavin. In my opinion, he is good player and he show his ability in uero o8.

One of the problem that they should settle, is about the way they find the score we can see that they have difficult about it, Arsene should focus and maybe find the solution in tactical. Where is kind of henry and bergkham style ability that they have been develop. they need to find a new person to take his part.

This season might be difficult season for them, but I'm sure next season will be easier season for them to archive the glory. In my opinion they need to struggle little bit and give in all what they have in training and game. All what we can say good luck for them.

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