My Malaysian and My Football.  

Thursday, 29 January 2009

The malaysian team always showed that they cannot be a superb team in every single game except for a lower country. They not has a good performance like overseas team, they not has a star player whose joining in a big league like premierleague and they also not has a big title or cup. Its shows how poorly Malaysian football in all aspect such ass in ability, skills, attitude, moral, and others thing. But thanks to Nicol David who get her name and Malaysian name to the world in the squash.

how can malaysian football team archive something like some others country such ass iran ,japan even iraq whose not have have a good facility and their own league can archive a big title like asian cup.

player import again vital to be joining in malaysia league, it will make others in malaysia player learn more about tactical, mentality, skill and others things,even british, spain, italy and others league has a import player. Why they not allow to be joining malaysia league? I think the answer is development in the club and the federation football club of malaysia (FAM) who should take this job done, but they fail to do it, and they not allowed import player to joining.

I think we should have a caliber leader in FAM , we don't need a king or politician in this job, they not know anything about this and they not deserve this job,otherwise a king and politician has their own responsibility.

In my opinion, we should find someone who deserve to be a leader of FAM who know about football, development and has being played for malaysian team . and i think malaysian has potential to reach asian cup even world cup they will archive it, if they find a right person.

Hopefully we not wasting our time and money again as we did it in the past of several year to have nothing except for successful football malaysian team and reach the World cup.


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