arsenal will grow up with their own style  

Friday, 23 January 2009

listen up all arsenal fan, if you really sure that arsenal cannot archive the title so I guess you all better leave now. I'm truly fan of arsenal team and I will give my best for arsenal. I'm confident about wenger dream and the way his develop their player, i know is hard to believe in half of season they not make their best opportunity, but this is not a last chance they only have.

I think from now arsenal should focus in their player than splash their money to buy a player who not know yet if they can play or not in england league style. plus they already have a player who can be more and more great for the future ,player such a nasri, fabregas, wallcott, berdner, diaby, djourou, and plenty more of it, they have what they need, and this palyer such a bright star and will be greatest player in the world. otherwise if they been sell out to other club, like hleb and flamini. But it doesn't mean i disagree about arshavin. In my opinion, he is good player and he show his ability in uero o8.

One of the problem that they should settle, is about the way they find the score we can see that they have difficult about it, Arsene should focus and maybe find the solution in tactical. Where is kind of henry and bergkham style ability that they have been develop. they need to find a new person to take his part.

This season might be difficult season for them, but I'm sure next season will be easier season for them to archive the glory. In my opinion they need to struggle little bit and give in all what they have in training and game. All what we can say good luck for them.


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