can arsenal win the title ?  

Sunday, 14 December 2008

 No matter what they say ,i belief arsene wenger. But for me something must be change in the position of the team. Otherwise arsene might be a looser this season if they not buy a player that can give a big impact for team. they must splash a big money to buy a star player such ass david villa and arshavin,they have a good skill and ability also they will give impact in front of attacking. yaya toure brother of toure is the one who can take advantage at the back with her brother. I think all fan will be cheer about it.

Some mistake that arsene did it in last season, he have sold hleb and flamini out. This is a bigger mistake that can be difficult problem in the team. I'm sure that denilson and song will take over the position, But it take a time to recover the hole.

sometimes i remember if henry rejoin again, i belief arsenal will get through the first table. But it doesn't happen and must forget about it.What arsenal have to do is they need to struggle and learn from mistake plus keep up the hard work to archive what belong to them.


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