misery for gunners  

Friday, 30 January 2009

For the record gunners has a misery in the half of league but this record will burn if they keep winning in every single game, or they archive something they not archive it like champion cup.

We all know that they not has a mentally strong enough then they have too many younger player such ass denilson, song, diaby, bendner, vela, and all of it between 19-23, this is kind of hard to keep them maintain in all competition, we must ask wenger what is his aim in this season, if wenger want to archive something in big title or cup. he might be nothing for this season cos he need to change his player, and choose player who has experience in the game such ass villa, david silva, senna and arshavin as well. this player has potential to keep arsenal lead in this season.

There is something being ruin my head, why arsenal not high their salary little bit. as well as we all know they are really poor club, although they have a good facility and stadium. It's must be difficult to others star player to joining if they not change it. where is the money being spending?

in my opinion, arsenal truly showed poor performance at the last game against everton. Couple of shoot they miss it and always seems to be scoring in the last minutes.They play with a low spirit, and in everton with Tim Cahill they have a player who is very intelligent, he always knows where to be. That is something that is hard to teach, but he always seems to be in the right place. this is an example that arsenal should to be find.

They need to find a striker who can be dangerous at the net such ass van persie, we cannot leave him alone to score. they need arshavin and need to settle the deal over even the time is running out.


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