barcalona try to persuade again  

Saturday, 7 March 2009

barcalona has reveal that they are interest in fabregas and will put 25 million euro in this player for the next season. Although arsenal already told that they are not sale this player even someone put hundred of million in money.

Fabregas is the one midfielder who really give big impact since viera gone. he is the young player and have a bright future in arsenal.

But in the good reason i think arsenal can let fabregas go. cos he is not really perform like he did it in the last season plus hes heart already gone to another team.

However this is a chance for wenger if this deal done, and he can spend the money to buy da silva.

As well as we know in midfield situation they are not in problem if we compare in striker situation. Danilson, nasri, diaby arshavin, and rosicky all this player can take this responsibility.

They might be success if they choose the right person who have ability to score and passing. David da silva is the right person to change in fabregas part. and let he play in left and nasri in center.


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