dont give up arsenal still can caught  

Friday, 13 March 2009

Arsenal will play against blackburn in premier league this weekend. and this is opportunity for arsenal caught the big four which now still open. with arsenal behind 3 point against aston villa and this week maybe they can challenge in this position.

Even though arsenal win in penalty shoot-out last game plus eduardo get his injury again it doesn't means anything, they still can cope and keep the consistent get through for the next game. Maybe adebayor can be the solution to archive in momentum attacking back after done in his injury.

However they need to be focus in this attacking situation if they want to win. i'm confuse in this situation why van persie and bendtner cannot did the same killer as they did before. this is really ruin my head cos sometimes they really powerful in attack and sometimes they really in worst and wasting in passing. if this is kind of problem arsenal can solve it, i'm very sure that nothing can stop with them.

In the next match situation i think what arsenal should do is, they need to beware in the back and keep pressure and shoot in the net as much as they can.


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