Offer Milan £25m and Adebayor for Pato  

Friday, 27 March 2009

Last summer transfer Carlo Ancelotti the Italian club’s manager, is been put big money in £35 million bid for the Togo international striker having failed with a £32 million offer. Adebayor has missed a lot match in this season with a hamstring injury but could turn out for his country against Cameroon in Ghana tomorrow.

That's bollocks. That's pure garbage because (1) they did not offer £32m (2) Ancelotti will not be the AC Milan manager next season and (3) you don't miss 10 matches with a hamstring.

That injury against Spurs was on February 8. Adebayor left the pitch on a stretcher and when the stretcher got to the touchline he jumped off and put on a warm jacket and sat there quite happily. He hasn't played for Arsenal in the 45 days since.

Why not? Because Wenger is protecting his transfer value by not playing him, as he did with Thierry after the PSV fiasco.

Ade to Milan ? Ade to Milan is hilarious ! I love it.

In 1983, AC Milan signed crash-bang-wallop Luther Blissett-Missit from Watford but poor old Luther wasn't remotely skilful enough to play for them. He scored 5 goals in 30 games and went back to Watford a year later. Watford sold him for £1 million and bought him back for £550,000.

Flamini has started 15 Serie A games, Senderos 4.They got the midfielder on a free and the centreback on loan.

Last July the Telegraph said Galliani had spoken to Wenger, who wanted £36 million for Adebayor. If Galliani would not pay that much then, why would he pay it now ?

What Arsenal need is a hot striker like Pato, not a clown like Adebayor. If Arsenal had Pato, Arshavin and Fabregas would have a match-winning goalscorer who is fully-equipped to benefit from their defence-killing passes.

Pato has scored 14 Serie A goals so far this season and maybe more if he got to be playing in all season.

in my oppinion Pato should not be playing in a team of old men, I'll give you £25 million for Pato. And I'll throw in Adebayor for nothing.


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