should wenger get henry back  

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

I think if this kind of situation arsenal can't only hope for their younger player to get through to the track back. Maybe this times wenger should get henry back if they want to save their top rank.

However if this happen it's a good step for arsenal as well as we knows henry have a good season at barcelona and he has all ability what arsenal need.

Wenger has mistake to sold henry out to barcelona and now as we saw arsenal not get any title since hes gone otherwise i think maybe arsenal could got title like many years ago.

With all such a young player in arsenal team, they need time to get further and struggle even they have a bright future at arsenal. This is not what fans wanted and I think wenger has lost his mind to hope for this player.

All though there is one thing that arsene can save their hope, It's to win the champion league for this season, If not in my opinion arsenal should find another manager for next season for axample rijkard, ben shunster or maybe jose mourinho, but this is not the only way to settle with, in another way arsenal should find a big money to splash and buy player in what arsene really wanted.


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