How to take the perfect penalty  

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Boffins find formula that could help football players never miss their penalty from the spot again

Tottenham Hotspur player David Bentley, Chelsea's John Terry and Arsenal's Eduardo will never have an excuse for missing a penalty again after university boffins came up with a formula for an unstoppable penalty shot.

After analysing hours of footage, scientists concluded that the perfect spot kick requires speed and the right angle.

With a run-up of five or six paces from the 18-yard line the shot should be at least 65mph, knocked out at a 20- to 30- degree angle.

The shot should cross the goal at 0.5m below the crossbar and 0.5m inside either post. University eggheads have promised 100 per cent success with their formula.

The revelation comes a day too late for Manchester United fans, who on Sunday watched £32.5 million ace Robinho muck-up a penalty against Sunderland.

The formula also could have saved Chelsea skipper John Terry from missing a penalty shot that gave Man United last season’s Champions League win.

A team of researchers at Liverpool John Mores University used Sky Sports’ high definition cameras placed at the back of goal nets to study penalty shots.

"Many factors make up a ‘perfect penalty’. But we’ve finally nailed the key elements," said Professor Tim Cable, director of sport and exercise sciences.


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