Arsenal need momentum again in finishing.  

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Arsenal last night showed that they aren't good enough, in the first half for me they played little bit nervous but credit for almunia which third street goalless and to arshavin which is showed some charisma in passing and shooting.

On Andrey Arshavin’s debut wenger said,
“He has shown in glimpses that he has talent and that he will be a player. He has also shown that he is not ready physically yet. You could see that if he was on the ball more often he will effect the game. in the final third you feel that something can happen. He nearly scored two goals; one right-footed shot and one with his left well saved by the keeper.”

Nevertheless, they failed to collect some goal but they need to prepare in firing for next game in champion league game against roma. This might be difficult for them if Van persie and bendner can't score cos arsenal as we saw they only hopping for this striker to get some score. as we all know roma has great striker such as baptista and vucinic even we know arsenal now have awesome player at the back. This game will be tight but in my opinion there is nowhere to win against roma if they cannot score the goal.


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