What a nightmare for eduardo  

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Having made such a heart-warming comeback on Monday, Eduardo will now sit out the next two weeks through injury.

The Croatian forward swept aside memories of that broken leg at Birmingham with two goals as Arsenal hammered Cardiff 4-0 at Emirates Stadium and stormed into the FA Cup Fifth Round.

The second was scored on the hour and seven minutes later he was taken off. In between those times he collected a knock. However it must be stressed it is NOT serious.

“Eduardo is out for two weeks,” confirmed Arsène Wenger to Arsenal TV Online on Thursday. “He picked up a hamstring injury two minutes before I took him off. What a nightmare.

“Nobody knows how it happened but I knew straight away after the game it would be a two-week job. It is nothing like he had before but I do know that little set-backs like this are part of being nine months out.

“After that long out, nobody plays six months on the trot. It is impossible.

“But at the same time it is a blow because, of course, he can score goals. He had shown that on Monday night.”


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