who will be man of the match?  

Friday, 6 February 2009

As well as we all know arsenal will plays against spurs for london derby battle. this is important game for arsenal to get close for higher level also for surviving their champion league next season.

With arshavin the new arrival player maker possible be line up in this weeks. Although, we cannot forget van persie who really get inform in this season and showed charisma to help arsenal in many match from defeated. This both player such a potential player who will get arsenal through.

However, can arsenal win this important game or they will makes the same way draw, What we only hope is van persie can provide the goal in same way he did it. or maybe we should change performance little bit to push more in first half to get the goal in first half rather than last injury time. then maintain performance in the second half to get more goals.

What happen to arsenal in this season this is not makes sense cos last season they really did much better, even they failed to archive something, but we as a fan really proud in that performance. they really good in attacking, balance, really good scorer suddenly they fail to keep maintain in this season. They almost lose everything and careless in what they got.

Which case what should arsenal do it right now, arsenal need to find the way to score, and try to shoot in different way.


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