have we got him or not  

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Confusion surrounding in Arshavin capture, is deal complete or not, but many news showed that the deal is over , this kinda pressure for fan if arsenal not got him, cos they know about reputation in arsenal is going down, and need a new signing such as arshavin who can give momentum for arsenal back.

arsenal truly has a big problem in finishing, if they not signing at this transfer they might be a looser and must regret about that.

they need somebody who can build with, and somebody who can hold tight the performance, this is only chance to rebuild the team.

In my opinion arsenal no need to complicated, cos they know how much they in trouble, they are not same team in last season or several season and there is no way to turning back. This season they really missing something, and this time they need to rush in signing to keep mentality back.

If they not archive something in this season, i hope they should sell their club. cos fan know how they wasted their time to watched and their money to buy highly price of ticket.


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